R&D (Research and Development) Team 

Aster has attracted outstanding talents and PhDs in material processing and thermal interface materials, and gathered professional sales staff for international and domestic markets. We also have long-term cooperation with several universities and colleges for the technological development and application solutions for liquid metals and thermoelectric materials.

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Environmental Test and Equipment before Shipment

  1. Environmental Test: Thermal shock test, High and Low Temperature Test Chamber according to the standard of GB/T 2423.5
  2. Purity Analysis: ICP-OES for materials lower than 99.999% purity, ICO-MS for ones higher than 5N
  3. XRD for phase diagram of compounds like alloy, telluride
  4. Laser Particle Sizer for particle size and distribution
  5. Provide a complete set of test reports including TDS, COA, Reports of XRD, PSD even GDMS before shipment.

Equipment from Mixed Ingredients to Sealing Packing:

Some typical pictures of our product parameter test standard and equipment as follows

Key Production Process

  • Raw materials are proportioned according to the standard

  • Vacuum Refining control parameters:

        Vacuum degree
        Melting temperature
        Heating time
        Cooling time

  • Eectromagnetic mixing control parameters:

        Mixing time
        Stirring speed

  • Stand and Check

  • Canning and Sealing