The application of superfine bismuth oxide nano powder in anticorrosive coatings mainly manifests in the following aspects:

1. Preparation of ultrafine bismuth oxide nano powder and its research on radiation shielding performance in coatings

 This study explores the ability of ultrafine bismuth oxide nano powder to absorb γ-rays in interior wall coatings. Experimental results demonstrate that when 40% ultrafine bismuth oxide is added to water-based formulations, the coating exhibits the strongest ability to absorb γ-rays, while maintaining optimal overall performance. Additionally, the addition of 2% sodium-based bentonite optimizes the suspension properties of the coating.

2. Research on high-temperature and anticorrosive heat-conducting coatings for heat exchangers

In this study, heat-conducting coatings resistant to high temperatures and corrosion were prepared using organic silicon-modified polyester resin as the main resin, and high thermal conductivity inorganic particles such as aluminum nitride, boron nitride, and bismuth oxide nano powder as heat-conducting fillers. The application of these coatings in heat exchangers enhances their corrosion resistance while maintaining excellent thermal conductivity. The research also indicates that as the thermal conductivity of the filler increases, the thermal conductivity of the coating also increases accordingly.
In summary, the application of bismuth oxide nano powder in anticorrosive coatings primarily aims to enhance the radiation shielding performance, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance of coatings, thereby improving their overall performance and application range.