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Aster Materials is one of China’s leading Bismuth products, Thermal Interface Materials manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Aster Materials has established major production base in China, which cover a total area of 600 square metres.
  • Industry-leading technology and years of manufacturing experience.
  • Aster Materials makes quality Bismuth and Gallium for our valued customers every day. Bismuth Shot, Bismuth, Powder, Bismuth Telluride, High Purity Gallium, Custom liquid metal and more.
  • We offer a full package of customer service. State core needs, customize dimension and proportion, return and exchange guarantee, and after-sales support.

Aster Hot-Sale Materials

Types of Bismuth and Thermal Interface Materials We Made

Bismuth Shot 4N 5N

Bismuth Shot or Bismuth Granule – made of refined Bismuth Ingot sustainable non-toxic material

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Galinstan/Liquid Metal

Thermally conductive liquid metal is electrically conductive fluid at room temperature

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Indium Bar/Indium Rod

Custom Indium Bar and Rod are commonly used to make special alloy items.

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Get Your Custom Bismuth and Thermal Interface Materials

Aster Materials specializes in manufacturing and supplying Bismuth products and Thermal Interface Materials. We offer custom services in both small quantities for research purposes and bulk orders for industry groups. Here are your custom selections:

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Bismuth and Thermal Interface Materials Benefits

Metallic bismuth has strong diamagnetism and thermal interface materials has  good thermal conductivity. Manufacturers widely use bismuth and gallium as matrix materials. In addition, these metals can also be recycled and are very safe for the environment:
  • Sustainability: Superior to the market product quality, Aster consistency is guaranteed;
  • Customization: Offer various customization options (i.e., purity, size, shape, composition, packaging and logo);
  • Higher standard: Meet the application requirements of low copper, low lead, low iron and other heavy metal contents.
  • Vacuum operation: The production environment is pollution-free, and the surface is not oxidized.

Bismuth and TIMs Application

Bismuth Metal, also known as refined Bismuth, is often used to replace lead such as lead-free bullets, lead-free solder, and even medicines and cosmetics. In addition, it is also used in alloy smelting. Thermal Interface Materials are used for CPU heat dissipation. Especially, indium-based alloy heat conductive gaskets can be used in aerospace industry, solar energy and other emerging industries with cooling applications, such as submerged water-cooled server CPU, GPU, laser, radar power amplifier, ect.

Bismuth Powder Application

Bismuth for Welding and Foundry

Mainly used in welding electrerials, radiation-proof clothes, chemical reaction, additives for producing steel and aluminum alloy and low melting solders.

Gallium Metal Application

Gallium Metal for GaAs and CIGS Thin-film Solar Cells

Widely used in GaN, GaAs concentrated solar cell and CIGS Thin-film solar cell, Nd-Fe-B advanced magnetic materials and Gallium based Low melting points alloy.

Indium Sheet Application

Indium for Encapsulating Semiconductor Materials

Mainly used for sealing materials, especially demountable cryogenic seals, also for low melting point metal alloys and semiconductor industry.

Thermal Interface Materials applications

Gallium Alloy for Thermal Interface Cooling Layer

Ga alloy fluid or paste is penetrated into the gap between CPU and heat dissipation module as filling, rapid conduction of heat to the cooling module

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What Our Old Customers Say

Old Customer CC

For the 3rd consecutive year, we’ve procured raw materials from Aster, and every shipment we’ve obtained has performed impeccably without fail. Thank you, our preferred supplier for Indium materials.

Carolyn Cardone / Indium Corporation

All items arrived quickly and in excellent condition, lower test value than standard for impurities. The surface is clean, uniform. Materials came clearly labeled and sealed in separate vacuum bag.

Thomas Stenger / Heraeus
Old Customer HL

They are always delightful to work with, very friendly and professional. We are a small scale buyer and have the Bismuth shipped to Seoul. We have sources in Euro who take longer to deliver than Hunan Aster. It’s hard to overstate how much premium product, and that is what we get every time.


As always prompt and precise delivery. The online images and the delivered material agree very well. Their delivery is fast and packaged with care, so affordable! (for now) I am grateful to work with Aster team.

Gabriel D. Leis / American Elements

After-Sales Support

1. Technical Team and Support Services

Such after-sales support comes free with the purchase of an item and also be in time as part of a more comprehensive service plan. One Service offered through a help or support team may include technical assistance for purity, particle size, form, customization and a variety of other products.

2. Real-Time Online Support 

Real-time online support includes email, chat, phone, and a social media interface that assists in responding to your inquiries and criticisms. This may include handling returns or replacements.

3. Customer Service Lines 16 hours

Customer service lines representatives are available during 16 housrs, which can give advice and solutions to frequent or even more complex issues and questions. Typically, rather than automatic bots customer service lines, quick responses and humanization allow customers to easily access support in time, either by phone or online.

4. Necessary Support Resources

This may include easily-accessible online solutions that involve CoA, SDS, PSD where customers may get more information, more details, or search for answers.

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Bismuth and Thermal Interface FAQs

We are a leading chemical manufacturer of processing metal ingots (Bismuth, Gallium, Indium) into powder, granule, piece, wire, rod and alloy with import and export license and our factory is located in Changsha, Hunan Province which is one of the largest production area for the minor metals’ mines and Bismuth products in the world. Welcome to visit us at any time!

For small quantity, it takes only 1-2 working days from ready stock.

For regular specification, it takes 3-5 working days.

For bulk order, it might take about 1-2 weeks.

For the first business, it is recommended that business shall be done by T/T in advance.

For the future business, adjust payment terms according to customer credit. If a customer with good reputation, we can make more flexible payment terms.

Yes, we have made reports issued by SGS and CQC. To test and provide the test reports for each batch of products after the production. Product is not packed until the test results are qualified.

If you ask for a report from specified third party inspection organization, we’ll be pleased to negotiate with you to make it.

If an authoritative third-party inspection agency tested our products and confirmed that it is a quality problem, we will bear all the testing costs, and return or replace the goods without hesitation.

If you are willing, we sign a NDA(non disclosure agreement) with you, which has very comprehensive clauses, once signed, nothing is said.

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